Monday, December 21, 2009

More Is Not Better

The end of the year is near. Some people are excited  about 2010 and others are a little depressed. Many of us that are go-getters get discouraged when we don't reach our goals when we think we will. We try the best that we can and we expect to get results. If you're like me, you expect to get results fast. However, lasting success does not come over night.

If you don't believe me, research it. Find out about the history of the person you admire most. For instance, my favorite English professor told me that he was painting houses when he graduated undergraduate school. I was shocked. I just assumed that he went the traditional route and he was always on a clear path of success. My point is don't assume that people you admire had an overnight success. Success takes hard work.

Furthermore, lasting successs takes work and patience. You must be patient with yourself to achieve the kind of success that you want. You want to be able to enjoy your life when you become more successful. If you suddenly become an over night success, will you be able to handle it?

It's like the saying, "More money, more problems." With great gain, comes a greater responsibility. Remember that on your way up to the top. If you change your perspective, you will begin to value your baby steps. You will begin to appreciate the time that you are spending preparing for your magnificent future.

So during this holiday season, treasure where you have been in 2009. Many of us have had our share of struggles this year, but remember that each mistake has contributed to your growth. As long as you are doing your best, you are right on schedule. You might not know how all of the pieces fit together just yet, but eventually you will have a beautiful picture of your destiny.